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Our company has offered legal advice and representation in cases with varying degrees of complexity. Some of the major cases we have taken part in include the following:

  • Our Law Firm helped an Argentine fruit exporter collect tax credits by bringing an action against the Argentine Revenue Service (AFIP) before the Federal and the Supreme Courts of the Province of Mendoza. This case involved export transactions worth 3.5 million Argentine Pesos.
  • Our Law Firm represented an Argentine corporation by bringing a foreclosure action before the Civil and Commercial Court of the Province of Mendoza. The action was brought against the trustee of a rural real estate who had failed to make the corresponding payments to our client.
  • Our Law Firm successfully handled a case of medical malpractice, whereby the physician had abandoned our client in the operating room. Both physician and hospital were proved guilty of medical negligence.
  • Our Law Firm represents a foreign textile company based in Argentina. We defended them after a former employee previously dismissed for just cause brought a groundless action against our client.
  • Our Firm offered legal advice to an Argentine Cooperative that filed a petition in bankruptcy against a debtor for a bad check. Legal proceedings were instituted before the Bankruptcy Court of the Province of Mendoza.
  • Our Firm has offered legal advice across a broad spectrum of pension and social security issues filing individual complaints against Argentina’s Social Security Administration (ANSES) to demand back payments owed to our clients and increases in their retirement annuities in accordance with the latest rulings issued by the Supreme Court of Justice of Argentina.
  • Our Firm has represented individuals before the civil and commercial courts of Mendoza to help them enforce checks and promissory notes made by delinquent debtors.
  • Our Firm has offered legal advice to companies and individuals in eviction-related cases.
  • Our Firm has offered legal advice to companies and individuals for the auction sale of movable and immovable property.
  • Our Firm has successfully protected clients’ Constitutional rights across a broad spectrum of issues. For example, we represented an individual before the Federal Courts of the Province of Mendoza. Our client’s medical insurance company, which was based in a different province, had refused to cover our client’s medical treatment. After an initial and successful preliminary injunction, the Court ruled in favor of our client.
  • Our Firm defended and won (twice) the case of an individual saver who brought a legal action to get back his savings which had been deposited in US Dollars and were being withheld by his bank during Argentina’s crisis known as El Corralito (the 2001 freezing of bank accounts). After the Court ruled in favor of our client, the bank filed an appeal for the judgement to be declared null and void. Once more, we defended our client with a satisfactory outcome.
  • Our Firm defended an individual client in civil proceedings in connection with a case of consumer protection. We represented our client against the bank for undue astronomical charges on his credit cards.
  • Our Firm has offered legal advice to wealthy families in succession procedures.