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Among others, we have offered legal advice and representation in the following cases:

  • Our Law Firm offered legal advice to a leading real estate developer from Mendoza, who needed final municipal approval for one of their gated communities.
  • Our Firm advised an Argentine winery in the process of seeking new importers in London, UK.
  • Our Firm assisted a strawberry exporter based in Patagonia who needed employment law advice to draw up a salary payment plan and other employee-related reports for their registered workers.
  • Our Firm offered legal advice to a foreign bank for the collection of their claims against two debtors who failed to fulfill their respective loan agreements.
  • Our Law Firm advised an Argentine seasoned ophthalmology company of international renown in preparing a business plan to examine the feasibility of opening an office in Costa Rica (Central America).
  • Our Law Firm offered legal advice to a group of entrepreneurs and assisted them in drafting contracts and rules of procedure for a shared workplace they started in the Province of Mendoza.
  • Our Law Firm offered legal advice to a food industry company that claimed financial compensation after the wrongful termination of a franchise that had been granted for a specific period.
  • Our Law Firm has offered legal advice to many corporations for their organization and registration with the Artificial Persons Control Bureau of Mendoza, Argentina.
  • Our Law Firm assisted an Argentine businessman in recovering and repatriating US Dollar-denominated funds deposited with a foreign bank. Our attorneys instituted legal proceedings in an American State after our client’s bank turned his funds over to said State for considering the account was an inactive account.