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Business Law

Our Firm counsels local and foreign companies on all legal and business matters. Our clients range from small to medium-sized and large companies. We partner with our clients, keeping their best interest at the forefront of our efforts to find value-added solutions.

Banking Law

Our Firm offers expert legal advice to foreign banking institutions based in Argentina.

Corporate Law

We advise companies on all aspects of corporate law and disputes. Our Firm is prepared to design a legal framework suitable to each client’s needs. We advise and support clients throughout a company’s life cycle, starting with corporate organization and registration with the Artificial Persons Control Bureau, drafting articles of association, Bylaws, shareholder’s agreements, minutes of meetings, and other complex corporate documents and reports.
We also give expert advice to start-ups and small businesses from their inception and throughout their life cycles.
We support clients by taking part in board meetings and meetings of shareholders in our capacity as legal representatives and counsels.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Our Firm counsels corporate sellers and buyers on all matters related to the sale of stock in private companies and throughout acquisition processes, including preliminary negotiations, audits, drafting confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, and final agreements between the parties for the sale and purchase of shares.

We also offer advice on reorganization plans and merger procedures.


Our consultancy services allow our clients to find the most effective structure for their businesses (e.g. contract, trust, lease, distribution, agency, or buy-sale agreement, etc.). We also take part in drafting and negotiating joint venture agreements and real estate projects.

Employment & Labor Law

We give comprehensive advice to employers and help them find effective solutions to industrial disputes. We also represent defendant-employer clients in extrajudicial and judicial proceedings.

Complex Litigation

We keep our clients’ interest at the forefront in every case and provide them with personalized assistance throughout the proceedings. We represent clients in the Ordinary and Federal Courts of Mendoza and Buenos Aires.

Private Equity

We offer legal advice to Private Equity firms that operate in Argentina. We assist startups as well as small, medium, and large companies with the creation of private-equity funds in order to meet their investment needs.

Corporate Financing

We offer legal advice and help small, medium, and large companies get financing from banks, financial institutions, private sources and/or the capital market.